Friday, 11 July 2008

More Poetry ~A Buffet Of Love For My Scrumptious Apple~

Oh Ringo

Oh, oh Ringo
Yeah, you're a good pearl
Rock my world

The stalk of your apple
I rip from the stem
I go by my instinct
and bite into the hem

Of your dress
You know how to impress
I untangle your vest
From the hairs in your breast

Just kidding, girl! Your beauty is flawless
We can't help but ogle the bounty before us,
Me, my willy and hairy legs
You, just fucking perfection all over the place

So let's do it! Let's stop talking
You can't have sex when you are walking
Let's get down, let's make love
To the pits of hell from the clouds above!!

A Girl With Class

Ringo, your pussy
Is like the nine trillionth IV interval 1/43 equation found in the string quartet of Debussy
Ringo, your cunt
Is like the idiomatic chord progressions that fuel the power-pop found on Todd Rundgren's album Runt
Ringo, your arse
Is like the Deleuzeian idea of a man's need for data being incorrigible, the need for it to be metaphysically parsed
Ringo, your dick
It doesn't exist

Ringo, my girl
You rock my world in a manner equivalent to distorted chord riffers such as t'Sabbath and t'Deep Pur'l
Ringo, my bitch
You suck my dick, a sexy witch!

Fuck me in the ass!
Shit on my balls!
Eat my shite!
Lick my world!

Know this well, as a girl of trust!
Your ubiquitous charms are the subject of my lust
yeah, and I'm gonna go live in Japan
Wear a scarf and stick it to the man
Wielding the folklore of Circe and Pan
And the Renaissance stylings of Steeleye Span!

Django Reindhart ROCKS!!

The Flower Of You
Ringo, do you remember when I brought you that flower?
You looked at it for half an hour
I wondered, is that where you get your power?

Then I noticed the look on your face
Similar to the studious expression of one examining themselves in the mirror
Looking around, striving for progress
Using every opportunity to put life to the test

Then I realised, "wow, could it be?"
And then you said "Yes,
the only real flower is me."

It made so much sense.
You're beautiful, growing all the time
So tender, yet with a brash aesthetic strength
God Ringo, gimme your breasts!