Friday, 4 April 2008

Analyse Visuelle de Kiss Shite

Koko De Kiss Shite, Kiss Me Here.

Ringo's most pop moment, A slice of Morleyian Pop Perfection.

Her first Top 10 Hit, albeit in a chart filled with what I like to call "Cookie Cutter Crap" or "C.C.C." for short. Not to be confused with avant-Japanoise group "C.C.C.C." although some, such as I, may consider such cookie cutter pop rubbish to be unpleasant noise.

What at first seems like a simple, sweet, love song is actually a multi-layered masterpiece. There is the base layer, which I refer to as the "Thicko" layer. This is the layer which presents itself as a simple love song, no doubt why it sold so much. But under that there is "My" layer. The layer which presents the song as a harsh parody of the submissive personas of female musicians in our modern age.

Now I shall delve into the wonderfully shot promotional video for this very single. The visual concoction that was threaded to accompany this very single in the ever-so-plastic world of MTV.

We begin. "A sexy young woman, with a guitar, hmm" WHOMMPPHH! This is the point I unwrap a poundland blank VHS, pop it into the VCR, and press record, Metaphorically speaking of course. Notice the ropes underneath her dress, which symbolise bondage. Instantly we know this is a play on the stereotype that Japanese women are sexually submissive. It also represents Ringo's masochistic desire to be taken by us, well, me, and be sexually degraded. The first in a series of double meanings. Whilst she realises the stereotype and addresses it, being a Japanese woman, she also cannot prevent herself from being submissive.

First Ringo sings unaccompanied, with an extremely mocking and ironic tone that tears chunks from the shallow conceptualisation of love, and it is clear that the target of her bile and ire is nothing less than the soullessly submissive female musicians / pop icons that litter Ringo's path.

She looks at the microphone with contempt, contempt at the cliches of pop stardom and fakery, and this is yet another irony due to the fact that, despite this contempt, she realises this is her only means of communication in this situation.

Here is a particularly interesting moment. Still having not tamed the aggressive beast that is Rock 'n' Roll, Ringo turns faint and almost passes out, due to the sheer weight of the heavy riffs she is "Riffing". Look Ringo, Rocking out is great and all, but sometimes you must be careful and take your time, keep your shit together as it were, your "shite". Contained within the full parody of the fragility of certain girl singers, you would assume this was some sort of spoof, but could actually be a double meaning that Ringo herself is delicate here, and that is profoundly deep, Not to mention it's very cute! Or as I like to say "かわいい!".

Ah! The old Ringo stare, an unofficial signature of hers. That particular wide eyed stare that makes us question her mental stability, and indeed adds an eccentricity to her character that we find gorgeous. Carry on.

Beautiful eyes that pierce my very soul and caress it, A traditional and natural woman, but she carries a modern edge. Distinctly pleasing to view in DVD quality. I feel an incendiary sensation between my legs, a considerably pleasant warmth, a benevolent burning, a broiling enticement towards this female creature. I quite frankly want to fuck her brains out, right there, and right then. But alas, she doesn't want me :( . How could she? She doesn't even know me...

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