Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Ah, Ringo!

Shiina Ringo!
As beautiful as the night sky
A certain twinkle in her eye,
A voice that causes the heavens to cry,
Because it is very beautiful,
just like her.
Ah Ringo,
If only you were in my arms
I wouldn't have to cry, and happily I could die.


I took a bite.
See? Juice.
Beautiful, sumptious juice.
A moist kiss.
Ringo, it's you!

Your cheeks lit up when embarassed
But now they light up my life
Wherever you are and however you act
Here I am, basking in your flavours.

How can I resist?
The old original sin?
You entice me and I need you,
C'mon baby, I wanna fuck you.
Your music is incredible
Jazz, folk, east, west
A satiating cocktail for the cochlea.

Laughing, smiling, angry, thoughtful
It's incredible to watch you living your life
Keep it up and I may just reach paradise
You're there, inside me.

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