Sunday, 16 March 2008


lady and the tramp

I was a tramp.
I walked the street in contempt
in the clothes mother bought me.
That same mother, who said I was a waste
destined for nothing.

I was out of work, and out of luck.
But one day
I met a girl called Yumiko
she said "call me ringo" and I obliged
Her cheeks turned red
I was in debt of her beauty.

She never did say much
But the words she did say, were golden.
She said "Nobody sees worth in you, but I do"
she shone
she was charming
she emitted a warm light that caressed me.

She took my hand
Lead me to a quiet place
She kissed me
my body was transported to heaven
I felt warmth inside, an incredible feeling.

She grabbed me
She took me
I made love to her
And for the first time in life
I felt complete.

Hold Me

Shiina Ringo
I have a very good question for you
Would you hold me?
I am freezing cold
I tried putting the heating on
But I am still cold
Why am I cold?
Shiina Ringo
Hold Me
Hold Me
Hold Me

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