Saturday, 29 March 2008


Standing with my red crunchy girl
The wind blows like a man's sneezing nose
Blows out dust and the dirt of life
Because we're ringo-go-going to the moon

Yeah, me and my girl
Her name is Ringo-go-go
We're Ringoing to the moon and nobody can stop it happening
No, oh

She raises me from the ground
I'm floating around
With a girl I love
Ringo-go-going up

We're still flying higher
And it'll never stop
But then she hit a plane
And she's Ringo-go-go-gone

Oh Ringo, no
Why did you Ringo-go-go?
You were the best, you had a magic to you
And I really felt it in our love
Oh christ!
Ringo, no! NO!!!!!

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