Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Great Minds (Claudia Ladogana)

In today's post we will be interviewing the ringleader of one of the premier Ringo web establishments - the infamous Ringo Jihen, a site known for the webmaster's uncanny interpretations of Ringo and her art as well as its still-bustling Electric Mole forum (where the great HEDOfloe can be found contributing to the community in droves). What this interview with Claudia Ladogana sadly revealed to me, however, is that here is a Ringo fan who has clearly jumped their proverbial shark, run out of good things to say and ultimately revealed the true nature of their fandom - that of a shallow poser, only into Ringo for self-preservation and helping out the government, "The Man" in matters that only a slimy little whore can attend to (for nobody else would be caught dead in such an undignifying pose).

Ringo virgins, be aware that the interviewee's opinions in this interview should be taken with a pinch of salt - although we can never ever dispute the contribution Claudia made to the Ringo fan community in her prime, you should be aware that the dear lady now espouses a great deal of embittered bullshit. To clarify, everything Ringo has put her name to is GOLD. I will not let this interview falter my love for her, and neither should anyone else. Real Ringo fans are stronger than that!

Nevertheless, I thank Claudia Ladogana for giving me her time for these questions and hope to capture the spirit of her classic self in my own work.

1) Perhaps the biggest attraction to your site is the Electric Mole forum, a public congregate of Ringo fans who participate in lengthy and literate discourses of her life and achievements. As a fan myself I dream of one day giving back to Ringo in a similarly grandiose fashion, and the Mole boards are my predominant inspiration in this regard. What is the key to the Electric Mole's prosperity, the ingredients or drive behind it? Or, what would you say to a fellow Ringo fan who wishes to give back to the community and their idol?

I haven't been updating the site or even checking the forum for ages. I'm afraid that Tokyo Jihen slowly killed my interest in Shiina Ringo... I still listen to her older works up to KSK, I liked Kyoiku to some extent, but since Otona, their music got too far from my taste. So I gave up on the forum and site. They were mantained by myfriend Lolo for a while, but now I think he doesn't check it anymore, as well.

2) Your site dispenses with the galleries typical of Ringo fansites. Is this a statement against the artificiality of image, your stand against superficial fans of Ringo who love merely her appearance and fail to look beyond that to the seminal artistic relevence?

Can I be REALLY honest? I didn't include any gallery because I couldn't bother my lazy self to put up one. XDDD

3) The reviews / descriptions of Ringo's videos and albums on the site are vivid, vigilant, spark with imagination and display perceptive critical judgement. They drew me in and suddenly I was there, watching the video or listening to the album by reading your descriptions. Is this a conscious decision on your part, a goal to communicate your love for Ringo?

Yes, I love Ringo's older music and I wanted to communicate my love for her works. ^___^ I'm happy you enjoyed my writings.

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sakuragarden said...

I stumbled on it by chance today. Take off this thing IMMEDIATELY. I never gave you the permission to post this, and most of all, I never allowed you to use my real name on the net.

A poser? Ha. I'm just someone who has a personal taste and opinion. And as far as I'm concerned, lately Shiina Ringo has completely lost her Midas touch. You're a poser much more than I am, with your stupid choice of nice-sounding words to sound more intelligent than you are.

I'm aggravated and infuriated about this lack of respect on your part. Take this disgraceful thing off the net right now.