Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Sting...

Doubtless you are aware of a certain photoshoot I brought up recently, where my precious Ringo was accompanied by a certain "Undesirable" who I went to the lengths of erasing out of a selection of images, improving them as it were.

I took a glance through the photos again recently, and in one I noticed something. I shall leave this photo untouched so you may also feel the emotional impact I felt a few hours ago.

Notice anything? Take a closer look.

Why Ringo? When I seen this, my heart was filled with a certain burning. My eyes filled up. A certain burning jealousy, a certain burning anger. It still pains me to look at it.

Shiina Ringo, I love you more than the world itself, and yet you have never met me, or made any attempt to. So why is it you must hurt me by holding hands with some bloke who looks like my fucking dad?

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