Saturday, 29 March 2008

Ringo the beauty. Ringo the woman. Ringo as only Ringo does. Such an entertaining blend of purples and beiges, compels the viewer to see into the allure of culture and ponder what place this sort of pursuit has in modern society. Yes, she is certainly an irresistable charmess, but doesn't give a fuck and is badass. Despite this risk, however, you cannot deny her. It is impossible.

Dressed in purity, colours of prime, shines like an angel, contrasts Ringo's controversial public image AND YET it shows a defiance. In the way she carries herself, and is focused and has her shit together, she is dominating proceedings. An amazing contradiction.

This image is a profoundly post-modern concoction of visuals. The striking clash of elements, the gun, the woman, the low key mood, it harkens to films of yore such as those of kinji fukasaku, and yet, is so current it hurts.

2003-era Ringo is presented with a harsh political climate. Ringo is juxtaposed against it, as her own political agenda is antagonising towards this one, she looks upon the pride driven nationalists with scorn, driving through them with a glare that could cut steel and make walls come tumbling down. Cor blimey, she is FUCKING PISSED OFF. Check out the sheer disgust on her face. Excellent.

In stark contrast to the previous image, this UNBELIEVABLY enthusiastic smile represents the sweet innocence of her own personality. Just look at her, LOOK AT HER! How happy is she? She wants you to be happy as well, how can you look into those majestic eyes, and argue with anything she says? The purity of her worldview, the sweetness of a woman. Before she was presented with images of vile nationalists, hence why she wears more feminine attire in the previous image, to further emphasise her purity in contrast to the evil right-wingers. But here she is wearing more casual clothing, showing that her purity can shine through regardless of outfit. WHAT A SMILE.